Achievements in OLYMPIAD


K.V.P.Y./ N.T.S.E./ Olympiads / National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship scheme/Incentives to Girls for Secondary Education Scheme etc. (To be displayed separately for each scheme/exam.


S. No. Name of the participant Class Rank in Region/ State level Rank in National/ KVS level Remarks(Mention the award/ prize won, if any)
Since no participation took place information is Nil Report.

* Kendriya vidyalaya venkatagiri students selected for national sportsmeet.Four girls from khabaddi and one boy from shot put.

Flash news...Outstanding Achievement in "National Children Science Congress"

* Project of P.Srinivas "Locomotion in Automobiles using Wind Energy" of class X stood first in the KVS Inter Region National Science Congress.Subsequently the boy represented the National Children Science Congress at Varanasi.

*The student and his Teacher Guide Miss . A.N.Ragini were given Merit Certificate and Gold Medal for their Great Achievement. .

* Mr.Sriramulu acheived the KVS best science teacher award .